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It is important to keep your steel oiled. Season it every few uses, this will help protect it going forward. As for the Griddle, you will want to oil the smooth side regularly. Add a quarter size drop of oil onto the smooth side of the Griddle, wipe it across the surface and turn your burners on medium. Once the surface of the Griddle has absorbed the oil and dried, you can turn off your burners. Watch our step by step tutorial.

The Original- This is what started it all for us. Still our personal favorite. The Original Baking Steel gives all the home cooks exactly what they need to produce the best at-home pizza out there.

Modernist- Besides the design features of cut corners, the thickness of this steel holds even more energy than the original. This provides great support for really quick cook times and even stores cold energy to make fun things like ice cream and granita almost instantaneously.

The Big- This beast is for the nerd cooks who want the behemoth of steel. Its 1/2” thickness is the thickest version of steel we sell. Storing heat in this will heat your house for a month. No really, its great for an insane oven spring and really regulates your oven temperature with minimal rebound time while cooking.