Extra Sweet Cinnamon Roll Pizza Recipe

Extra Sweet Cinnamon Roll Pizza Recipe


As a kid, my mom would surprise us with cinnamon rolls as a sweet Saturday breakfast or a rainy afternoon snack.  There were few things better than that buttery roll topped with cinnamon sugar goodness.  And don’t get me started on that cream cheese icing!  This week, I let this serve as inspiration for our cinnamon roll dessert pizza.  

For this fun dessert, we used our 72-hour pizza dough which creates a pillow soft, fluffy base.   Topped with a sweet “sauce” made of butter, cinnamon & sugar, this treat has the makings of something great! Last but certainly not least, we finished the pizza post-bake, with a cream cheese icing drizzle-so good! 

If you are looking for a creative, fun, and delicious dessert, this cinnamon roll dessert pizza might be just the thing! 



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