Our Launch

Our Launch – Kickstarter Campaign

Getting Kickstarted!

After my rush of inspiration from Modernist Cuisine, I became convinced that we could bring the Baking Steel to every home kitchen in America.

I set to work running plenty of tests, until I was convinced of Baking Steel’s viability. I knew that I’d need the help of pizza fans everywhere to bring the Baking Steel to life.

I began to talk to many of my own friends who share my love for pizza. And the Baking Steel won their hearts. It’s such a simple idea, but it delivers.

The next big step for us was trying to get some widespread support. That’s where Kickstarter came in. We submitted our idea to the Kickstarter community, and boy, was I blown away by the support.

I had a modest goal of $3,000, and I was nervous but confident that we could reach the goal.

To my amazement, within 24 hours, we hit our funding goal. When Slice at Serious Eats caught wind of our venture and did a review of the Baking Steel, our support went through the roof! By the time the dust settled, we had $38,453 dollars pledged to help us get started. Un-stinkin’-believable!

Take a look at our project on Kickstarter.

Since we were able to Kickstart our Baking Steel project, we are now in full production mode, helping pizza lovers just like you, “create the crust you crave.”

Our Launch – Kickstarter Campaign