Free Online Pizza Classes

Our free online cooking classes offer the opportunity for anyone to learn new culinary skills without ever having to step foot into a physical kitchen. From the best pizza to traditional classics, these classes are packed with useful information like recipes, food safety tips and food hacks that everyone needs to know. Our free cooking classes provide a wide range of topics ideal for everyone from the novice cook to the budding gourmet chef looking to expand their knowledge. With so many delicious options to choose from and valuable information imparted on each topic, our cooking classes are a great way for aspiring cooks of all skill levels to indulge their inner chef.

As a bonus, at the end of every class we do a Q & A to answer all of your questions live.

Classes hosted by Andris and Chef Craig...

Our Pizza Classes our Legendary - you will learn to be a rock star pizza maker at home.  

- Learn all about our 72 Hour Pizza Dough

- The importance of Fermentation

- The best ingredients to use 

- How to launch a pizza into a home oven

- How to properly preheat your Baking Steel 

- Learn how to stretch a pizza 

- and lots more 


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