The 24 Hour Baguette Recipe

delcious oven baked baguette recipe

So I just came back from a trip to Paris that I'll never forget. My wife and I would walk the city every day on new adventures. The one constant of our trip was the fresh smell of the local boulangerie or bakery. We literally had multiple baguettes, from multiple shops, every day. Baguettes for breakfast, lunch, after lunch, before dinner, dinner, and sometimes even after.  We were obsessed!! 

When I got back, the withdrawal from freshly baked bread was insane-I needed a fix, fast!  It was time to come up with a new recipe.  We worked in the test kitchen all week doing numerous tests and using many different techniques.  Like our pizza dough recipe, we decided to go with a minimum 24-hour fermentation.  If you want a flavorful dough, it's going to take time.  Not hands on time, but time for the enzymes to do their thing.  For us, we loved a good 24-hour bulk.  

Our 24-hour baguette recipe is super simple. No crazy starter or poolish. Just time, a little labor, a Baking Steel and some heat. Next time your visiting friends, bring them a little bit of Paris to enjoy...if you can resist eating it yourself!  

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