Our House Pizza Sauce

baking steel house pizza sauce

Our house pizza sauce recipe consists of just 5 ingredients and no cooking!  My preferred technique is to simply pour all the ingredients straight into the tomato can and mix. (Similar to our no cook pizza sauce.) Don’t fear, you can also use a food processor.  We call it the “house sauce” because it’s one of our our go-to’s!  Everyone has their favorite, but it’s fun to change it up and try something new for your next pizza night. 

Remember to taste your tomatoes right out of the can.   Grab a couple of different brands and do a taste test with your friends.  I've also been loving Isola Tomatoes and i found them at WholeFoods...

What’s in your can?

House Pizza Sauce Recipe


1 can 28 oz crushed tomatoes we love these *

15 grams extra virgin olive oil, about 1 Tablespoon

10 grams sea salt

.25 grams dried oregano

.25 grams red pepper flakes

1  clove garlic, chopped fine


1. Carefully place all ingredients directly into your can of tomatoes and mix thoroughly.

2. If you are using whole crushed tomatoes, place everything in a food processor and lightly pulse until all ingredients are mixed in.  Be mindful not to over pulse. To much pulse creates too much liquid.  Do this by hand to avoid that from happening.

*Refrigerate sauce for up to 7 days or freeze up to 30.

* We prefer to buy the tomatoes already crushed.  If you purchase the yellow can (seen here) they will need to be crushed.   To crush using a food processor gently pulse a few times.  Over pulsating will water down the tomatoes...

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