New York Style Cheese Pizza at Home

new york style cheese pizza with basil

In this video, we made NY Style pizza dough and pizza in our home oven on our Baking Steel Plus. Remember all of our Baking Steels will work beautifully with this style. We started with our super easy pizza dough recipe and then we crushed a New York Style Pizza on our Baking Steel. This pizza was 15 inches of awesomeness.

This NY dough has a hydration level of 65%.  So it will be a little easier to handle than our traditional 72 hour dough.  Remember you want this dough to ferment for a  minimum of 24 hours...We think 48-72 is ideal fermentation time.   

We are leaving the olive oil as optional in this recipe. Personally, i prefer the texture without the oil.  The oil will lubricate those glutens inside the dough and offer a different texture.  I would recommend making this a couple of times, one with and one without.   See which you prefer..


NY Style Pizza Dough (makes 2x 450g) (15" Pies)

500g Bread Flour

325g Water, room temp

16g sea salt 

2g active dry yeast

25g honey

25g olive oil (optional)


1. Whisk the salt into the flour mixture.

2. Next add yeast and whisk.

3. Pour water into flour mixture. Stir to roughly combine. Turn mixture onto table/board.

4. Pour honey into dough and knead for 1-2 minutes.

5. Drizzle oil over dough and knead for additional 2 minutes.

6. Cover and rest for 12 Hours at room temp. Transfer entire bulk into fridge for another 12-36 hours.

7. Remove from fridge and make your dough balls. Let rest for 3-4 hours before stretching to make pizzas!


We used our simple no-cook tomato sauce. Topped with low moisture, whole milk mozzarella, a little fresh mozzarella and some spices. Crushed red pepper and dry oregano. Finished it off after a straight 7 minute bake at 550 degrees on our Pro Pack Baking Steel with some parmesan, olive oil and tons of basil.

Before and after Basil shots

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