Best New York Style Pizza Recipe

New York Style Pizza

We put together this pretty comprehensive long version video to walk you guys through the steps of making a legendary pizza at home. Fresh Chef Craig and I start with the basics of dough making, and progress up to hand stretching and topping a pizza using our Baking Steel. We walk you through each and every step along the way, including the all important “launch”. Whether you are using a Baking Steel or pizza stone, there are lots of little techniques we use that will save you from potential pizza disaster (the unintentional calzone) amongst others. Get ready to up your home pizza game and and of course, please remember to always use us as a resource for anything pizza.

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  • Joe Viola

    LOVE your Pizza recipes! What size is the LARGE plastic lidded dough proofing container you use?
    Any suggestion of where to buy from? KEEP UP YOUR INCREDIBLE VIDEOS@!!
    Thanks for your skill and presentation!!
    Joe Viola

  • Annette Buss

    Why the top rack, in my electric oven it shows the top part of oven is more for convection roast and the bottom is convection bake? Should I be using a baking steel more to the bottom then? Is it different for a gas oven? Thanks, Annette

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