Baking Steel Pro: The pizza baker’s favorite tool gets a serious upgrade

Baking Steel Pro in the oven

Unleashing the Baking Steel Pro To The World

One of our more popular Baking Steel products is getting an upgrade! The Baking Steel Pro will become the go-to tool for pizza enthusiasts ready to make legendary New York-style pizzas in their home oven. 

“This is the most exciting thing I’ve been a part of since I introduced the original Baking Steel to the world,” Lagsdin explains. “One of my most favorite things to do is witnessing the amazing results that people have achieved with the Baking Steel – and it’s only going to get even more exciting to see the amazing 16 Inch New York-style pizzas that everyone will be able to create with this new square Pro version of the steel!” 

Baking Steel Pro Specs

The Baking Steel Pro has gotten a series of upgrades, making it a revolutionary product that pizza lovers never knew they needed. Until now. 

While the original Baking Steel sported a 16-inch round baking steel shape, the Baking Steel Pro sports a 16 Inch Square Baking Steel shape. The New Baking Steel Pro is giving us over 20% more landing area for your 16" Pizza.   

The added diametrical inches are highly significant, as they allow everyone to create considerably bigger pizzas – in true New York-style, featuring those famously large and sexy slices.   

This has never been possible to do in your home, but with the Baking Steel Pro, every pizza enthusiast gets to create this legendary style of pizza at home, serve it up for family and friends, and watch them fold up the slice as if they were walking down the avenues of Manhattan.

In addition to being 16 inches square, the Baking Steel Pro is also ⅜ inches thick and weighs in at a whopping 27 lbs, 10 pounds heavier than our Baking Steel Original.  And about 26 lbs heavier than your traditional pizza stone. Although heavy, it’s incredibly flat, like all of our Baking Steel products, making them easy to store.  The Baking Steel Pro is for serious pizza makers only.

And you can simply store it in your oven.  Think of the Baking Steel Pro as a massive battery inside.  The Steel will help bake everything faster and more consistent and better overall cooking.   It's simply not just for pizza at home.

The “Pro” moniker reveals that making New York-style pizza is not a beginner’s task. It requires a lot of skill to manage a 16-inch pizza dough, and while most consumer ovens will meet the requirements, it’s advised that everyone makes sure that their oven is at least 16 inches deep and can hold the whopping weight of the Baking Steel Pro: 27 lbs. 

It’s also virtually indestructible and comes pre-seasoned and ready to use in home ovens, on grills, and over campfires. Better than restaurant quality pizza is only one US-made Baking Steel Pro away.

Order Your Baking Steel Pro

The Baking Steel Pro is for all serious pizza enthusiasts that want to create legendary New York-style pizza in their home oven. 

There’s much more to running The Baking Steel Company than simply manufacturing and selling popular products says Andris. “More than anything, it feels like we get to share our deep love of pizza and food with the world, and I can’t wait to unleash this beautiful steel beast.” 

The Baking Steel Pro is available today.  Usually will ship the next business day.  Say goodbye to your pizza stone and hello to the Baking Steel Pro. Be sure to measure you oven first, the PRO is 16 inches square we want to make sure it's going to fit inside..

Why Baking Steel over a pizza stone?

While the Baking Steel is useful for everything from bread-baking steak searing, smash burgers, blueberry pies, oven battery and even diner style breakfasts, its true standout feature is how it allows for making restaurant-level pizza right in your own home. This is because the ultra-conductive Baking Steel is 20 times more heat-conductive than a traditional pizza stone – ensuring a crust that is otherwise impossible to achieve in a regular consumer oven. Trust us. We’ve tested them!

Since the larger New York-style pizzas will also require a larger peel, we teamed up with our pizza peel manufacturer and designed  a beautiful cherry wood pizza peel, this is sold separately for $65.00. 

We hope you are going to love our new Baking Steel Pro as much as we do.

Buy your Baking Steel Pro Steel today for $169.00.  We season it for you, it's ready to cook right out of the box.  

Our Baking Steel Cleaning Bricks just arrived, be sure to grab some and keep your Steel in great condition for a long long time...


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