Best Boston Pizza Dough Recipe

boston pizza dough

Updated 1/15/19. *removed the balling stage

Bar pizza is a Massachusetts creation of delicious proportions. It’s not the type of thing you’d see in a high-end restaurant or even a by-the-slice joint. It feels most at home in dimly lit dive bars. Like your local “insert tow” house of pizza.

It’s definitely not health food: pizza dough cooked in a bar pizza pan that has been saturated with olive oil. The fairly thin dough absorbs the oil and crisps on the bottom, so every bite is full of flavor. Unlike our 72-hour dough, we only ferment this recipe for 12-24 hours. It’s extremely wet and sticky, and works best when you let a stand mixer do the work of kneading for you. If your looking for some topping ideas, we share a pretty extensive toppings and how to cook bar pizza in this post.