Yogurt Pita Breads

Yogurt Pita Breads

This pita bread recipe is a great go-to for camping & outdoor cooking. Perfect to use as wraps or cut into triangles and served with dips, and I’ve often used it when I’ve run out of bread and need a dough vehicle for breakfast dishes. Dry cooking on the Baking Steel Skinny Griddle, without any grease or fat, gives it a lovely charred exterior making it the perfect pita bread for Greek souvlaki.

This set up is amazing.  Once that campfire was smoldering, we place our Baking Steel Skinny Griddle over the top and got it nice and hot.  The surface area of the Skinny Griddle is just outstanding for making almost anything.  Today is was these epic kabobs and pita bread.  Tomorrow morning it will be breakfast.  You get the picture, the Baking Steel is so versatile for any meal.

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