Why You Need a Pizza Peel...

pizza peel

Many are terrified of the dreaded failed pizza launch. We feel your pain. It is the hardest and most stressful part of the entire pizza making process.  Once mastered, your days of disastrous pizza launches will be over for good. Let us be your guide to launching successfully.

First things first, you need a pizza peel. I prefer wood. Wood peels tend to whisk away the moisture more than metal, allowing you to transfer in the the oven a little easier.  Next you need to lubricate the peel. I like to use both semolina and standard bread flour.  A lot of folks use corn meal. I dont' like corn meal because it tends to burn very easily on a hot Baking Steel.  So toss the corn meal aside for your pizza making. Lightly dust your pizza peel with both flours before you place your dough on top.  Carefully stretch out your dough like this, then place it on your peel.  Before you place anything on top of your dough, give it a little "jimmy". You need to be confident that dough is going to move.  And most importantly, continue to "jimmy" your dough as you distribute your toppings. Sauce it, give it a jimmy, cheese, give it a jimmy you get the picture?  Good luck and keep us posted...

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