Pizza on the Grill

pizza cooked on a grill

We are here to answer everyone's questions on how to use the Baking Steel on a gas grill. The troubles of under-cooked crusts and overcooked tops and over cooked crusts and uncooked tops are to be thrown away with this new Baking Steel technique. Let's make some pizza on the grill...

After all of the trial and tribulations, this is what we found worked the best to get your char and a fully cooked pizza.

First, we put our Baking Steel in the center of the grill for maximum air circulation and turned the grill on full blast (hood closed). We wanted our steel to be just under/at 400 degrees. This took about 30 minutes.

We then turned the grill off for just a few minutes to cool the air inside down to about 300-325 degrees (leaving the hood closed). If your grill doesn't have a thermometer on the hood, give it about 5-6 minutes to cool down.

Fire the grill back up on medium heat and get ready to make pizza.

Now we aren't making pizza in the traditional sense. The difference here, is we are cooking both sides of the dough. Make some space on your side tray of your grill for your Mis En Place. 

Grab a pair of tongs while your at it. Slide your stretched dough onto the steel and set a one minute timer. Lift the lid quickly, rotate 180 degrees and close the lid. Be quick, you don't want too much heat to escape. Another minute on the timer.

After that second minute, literally flip your pizza onto its other side. Grab your sauce, cheese and basil and quickly top your pizza. Close the lid. Set a six minute timer and VOILA! Pizza on the grill.

The end result is a nice charred crust (not burnt, but charred), a warm, gooey cheese pizza. The key here, in this technique, is the flip of the first side. This provides both sides of the crust char and color.

Now get out of your kitchen and turn on your grill, have a holiday cookout with your Baking Steel in hand.

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