How Long Does Pizza Dough Last and is safe to Use?

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Today is National Pizza Day! Unfortunately, I just learned this yesterday.  I had to get in the game, but there was one problem-I hadn’t prepared a fresh batch of dough.  I took a peek in my fridge and found a dough that was dated, 1/24/15.  Doing the math, this was a 15 day old pizza dough.  The dough had some nice bubbles and a robust sourdough scent. I’ve made pizza with 10-day old dough and achieved solid results.  But today is National Pizza Day, this dough had to represent, or at least try!  For the toppings, I had plenty of fresh cheeses available.  I decided to go for it!  I put together a white pizza with a trio of cheeses and a dash of heat. The results were nothing short of astonishing! I did have my Baking Steel.  Ok, maybe the dough didn’t spring like a 4 or 5-day old dough, but the flavor was amazing!

I’m not quite ready to host a pizza party with old dough as I still prefer the 4 or 5 day fermentation zone. But lookout family, I will be experimenting for sure!

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