Allium Pizza Recipe

pizza packed with allium

Did you know that in the state of Indiana, it’s illegal to attend a public event or use public transportation within four hours of eating onions or garlic? If you’re in the Hoosier state, prepare to hunker down for the next few hours, because this allium (the fancy-pants term for onions and aromatics) pizza is packed with two types of onions and leeks for good measure. Elsewhere in the world, you’ll be free to travel as you please, but for everyone’s safety, please invest in mints.

Break out the goggles or prepare to cry it out while prepping this pizza: chopping all those onions and leeks may make you shed a tear or ten. But they’ll turn into tears of joy once you take your first bite, because flavor seekers will find that this allium-packed pie is pure pungent pizza perfection.

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