Sprite Pizza Dough

Sprite Pizza Dough

Last week we were feeling playful and decided to pour a bottle of Sprite into our pizza dough. A little science experiment, so to speak. We substituted sprite for the water, one for one. We were curious what would happen by adding all that sugar and carbonation into the pizza dough. The final answer? Not a heck, of a lot.

We used Mexican Sprite: one, because we like the cool glass bottle and two, because it's made with real cane sugar, not the artificial stuff. The sugar definitely added a subtle hint of sweetness. Because of the extra sweetness, we decided to cook the pizza, New York Style. That is a slow and low bake on the Baking Steel. That's 500F for approximately 5-6 minutes. After pulling our pie from the oven, we noticed slightly more browning-another result of the added sugar/sweetness.

Using Sprite in the dough wasn't overly exciting, but it did give us some ideas of other liquids we could experiment with next. Stay tuned for more mad science!


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