Homemade Spring Asparagus and Egg Pizza

Homemade Spring Asparagus and Egg Pizza

It's spring and that means soon we will be filling our pantry with lots of fresh vegetables from our local farm. I can not wait. Lately, i've been seeing a lot of asparagus stocking the shelves at wholefoods. It was time to bring some home and toss it on a pizza. I saw shaved asparagus pizza a few weeks back on Smitten Kitchen. Pretty epically beautiful. We duplicated her efforts and shaved the spring asparagus, but also drop an egg on top mid-way through the baking. The egg makes this baby pop with color and flavor. So look, asparagus is starting to come out of the ground for the next few weeks, I highly encourage you to get your asparagus pizza game going, you will love it...

And we are tweaking our cooking technique for this thin crust...We're going to use our broiler, but only to give our Baking Steel some additional heat. About 5 minutes before the launch, reach over and turn the oven dial to broil. And then right before the launch, switch oven back to convection bake..Now your Baking Steel is a lot hotter than 500 F, and the bottom of the pizza is going to cook fabulously....


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