Carbon Steel Cooked New York Strip Steak

Carbon Steel Cooked New York Strip Steak

 We took our new No 12 Carbon Steel pan for a test run. We thought it would be appropriate to make a big ass  juicy New York Strip.  The sear was just incredible, we are Steel guys, just what we expected. We basted this steak in organic butter and herbs.  Cooked it perfectly medium rare with a perfect sear...


16 oz New York Strip Steak

1 oz avocado oil

2 oz fresh rosemary, thyme, sage

4 oz butter

1 head of garlic

salt and pepper


1. Remove steak form fridge for 10 minutes and season liberally with salt and pepper.

2. Turn No.10/12 Carbon steel pan on high for 4 minutes.

3. Pour avocado oil in pan. It may smoke, that's ok.

4. With a pair of tongs, place steak in pan on oil. Set timer for 5 minutes and turn to medium-high heat.

5. Flip steak over, push to top part of pan. Drop garlic and all herbs in pan bottom. Grab your butter.

6. Place butter in pan and with a large spoon, baster steak while on medium heat for 1-2 minutes more. Turn pan off and let steak sit in pan for one more minute.

7. Remove steak and rest for 4-5 minutes. (cook will be medium rare)

8. Share if you want...

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