Easy To Stretch Pizza Dough

yoga dough - Easy To Stretch Pizza Dough

If you do yoga, you know exactly what a good session does for you: It stretches your muscles and increases your range of motion.

Now, what does that have to do with pizza? A whole lot. Because a good pizza dough has the same characteristics – incredible stretchability and a highly increased range of motion.  Basically, an easy to stretch pizza dough.

That’s why we’re renaming our ever-popular 72 Hour Dough, which we sell online and ship out every week. Henceforth, it shall be known to the pizza-loving public as Yoga Dough!

One of the things about pizza dough that can be a little hard to understand is how easy the dough stretches when you allow it to ferment in your fridge for 72 hours. Over the course of these three days, the gluten is broken down, ensuring a dough that is incredibly easy to handle and stretch. Especially if you allow it to rest for a few hours after removing it from the fridge.

Ultimately, it results in pizza with texture and flavor that are out of this world.

When you handle a long-fermented dough, you can actually feel the difference in your hands. It becomes so easy to stretch. It’s almost too easy. When you pick it up, the dough will literally stretch using just a tiny bit of gravity.

It’s beautiful to witness, and that’s something the students in our pizza classes can attest to. When I first stretch the dough in front of everyone, they think I’m some type of dough genius.

This is because most people are used to supermarket dough, which is incredibly tough to stretch. It’s incorrectly balled-up, leaving the glutens extremely tight. Kind of like a bodybuilder, who can’t touch his or her toes. This then leaves a lot of people feeling as if they’re inept at stretching pizza dough, although it’s really not their fault.

Without fail, when they see me stretching dough during class, they’re amazed. But shortly after, they learn the difference between supermarket dough and a long-fermented one. As soon as they get to try stretching our dough, they feel like geniuses, too.

It’s truly a revelation, very similar to the feeling you get after your first really good yoga session: You become familiar with a stretchability you never knew was possible.

Now, Yoga Dough is not only fantastic in terms of how well it stretches. It’s also much healthier than supermarket dough, and because the gluten is broken down over the course of three days, it becomes significantly easier to digest.

If you’re someone with a gluten intolerance and you’ve only ever tried your luck with supermarket pizza dough, you ought to try our Yoga Dough. I have met so many people who were thrilled that they were suddenly able to enjoy pizza again – years after they cut it from their diet, because it left them with a stomachache, or worse. Thanks to the Yoga Dough, a gate to their culinary world has been reopened.

Now, you don’t have to buy our dough to reap the benefits of a long-fermented dough – simply follow our mastering pizza dough, and soon you’ll be your very own dough yogi!

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