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10-inch carbon steel baking pan
It’s a very special day for The Baking Steel Company. Because, today, we are launching our brand-new 10-inch carbon pan  and 12-inch carbon pan– aptly named the ‘Baking Steel No. 10’ & 12. 

To create this pan, we teamed up with one of the oldest producers of carbon steel pans in the world: The highly regarded French cookware manufacturer, de Buyer. Together, we designed the No. 10 and No. 12 – a pan that truly does everything.

This is our version of a cast iron skillet. Our carbon steel pans are just as durable as cast iron, but it’s lighter and heats up more evenly and faster – and it’s so much more maneuverable.

In terms of heat retention, it mimics the Baking Steel, and it allows for more oil when frying up your favorite ingredients. Our carbon steel pans have no coatings or chemicals, and – like the Baking Steel – it only gets better, the more you use it.

Personally, I especially love it because it makes it so easy to quickly and easily fry up some potatoes or baste a filet for my sons. But I also love how it allows me to create an endless variety of delicious stovetop meals – including omelets, steaks, frittatas and stir frys.

All in all, it’s an incredible tool for the home that will significantly improve your frying, roasting and sautéing, and I am really proud of and grateful for this partnership with Dubuyer USA.

The goal was to create something magical for your kitchen, and we feel like we have achieved exactly that. Hopefully you are all going to love it as much as I do.

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