The Original Tomato Pizza

the original tomato pizza

The Original Tomato pizza was served at Frank Pepe's back in 1925. When the doors first opened, there were only 2 varieties of pizza. The Original tomato and the original tomato with anchovies. We're focusing on the former today. A classic thin crust pizza with an abundance of tomato sauce, dried oregano and grated pecorino ramano. Ours will be baked on a Baking Steel using our 72 hour dough, in a home oven. Unlike the original Pepe's that was and still is made in a coal fired oven. 

To replicate the heat from a coal fired oven, preheat your Baking Steel Original in your oven for one hour at 500 F.   About 10 minutes before you are ready to launch, switch your oven to the broiler setting.  The heat from the broiler is going to get your Baking Steel ripping hot for the launch.  Right after you launch turn the broiler off and set it back to convection bake at 500 F for the entire bake.  Your Tomato Pizza will be reminding you of your visit to Pepe's.  


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