Hand Crushed Tomato Pizza Recipe

Hand Crushed Tomato Pizza

Tomatoes coming off the vines this time of year are just about as fresh as you can get. The beauty in this pie, is that you literally take your tomatoes and crush them by hand or pulverize with a food processor. Distribute the tomatoes on top of your favorite pizza dough recipe. If you need inspiration, our 72-hour slow ferment is pretty awesome. This hand crushed tomato pizza is pure summertime bliss!

Oven Notes: After a good one hour pre-heat i switch the oven to broil and wait for that broiler to kick on (turn red) so i know it's fired up and then I launch.  That really helps that oven spring and bake time.  After about two minutes under the broiler, i switch the oven back to convection bake to finish off the pizza.  

If your broiler takes a few minutes to kick on, it may be that your oven is too hot.  Drop your preheat temperature to 450 F, and then switch to broil.  You may find that broiler kicking in a little bit faster.   


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