Easy 24-Hour Pizza Dough Recipe

24-hour pizza dough

The good news, we're using the same four basic ingredients as our 72 Hour Dough, organic flour, salt, water and yeast.  We are only adding one other ingredient, that is olive oil. The olive oil acts as a lubricant for the gluten network and softens it just a bit throughout the fermentation process. (We are basically making a slick network of gluten) The flavor of this dough once cooked is similar to a NY style, with that lower hydration, oil based dough giving it a nice crisp texture and chew with a little buttery-ness from the oil. As a bonus… you don’t need to wait 72 hours for this one.

Easy 24 Hour Pizza Dough -pizza dough recipe


500 Grams AP flour (use any flour combination)

16 grams fine sea salt

20 grams olive oil or avocado oil

1.5 grams active dry yeast

325 grams water, room temp


1. Combine all your dry ingredients into a bowl and whisk. 

2. Add water into dough mixture and mix thoroughly.  Lightly dust a work surface, remove mixture and knead for 2 minutes. Pour Oil in and knead for 2 more minutes. Place back in bowl and cover and let rest for 4-12 hours at room temp. Place in fridge for remaining 12 hours for a total fermentation time of 24 hours.

3. Remove from bowl, divide into equal portions, we made 3 dough balls. Then ball the dough and place on sheet tray.  Cover with plastic wrap or place in deli containers for about 3-4 hours before you are ready to make pizza! The glutens need to relax before this dough can be stretched.

4. If you have any leftover dough (yeah right?), place in a lightly oiled container and throw in the fridge or freezer for uptown 30 days.



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