Crispy Chicago Style Tavern Pizza Dough Recipe

Crispy Chicago Style Tavern Pizza Dough Recipe

If you are unfamiliar with chicago tavern style pizza, your about to become a huge fan.  This style pizza is famous in taverns and small neighborhood bars around throughout chicago.  This crust is thin, crispy and light.  It's cracker and sturdy enough to hold onto generous amounts of toppings.

Chicago Tavern Style dough goes through a "curing" period in the fridge after it has fermented for a day.  The dough is rolled out into a circle, docked and then placed back in the fridge for a few days to"cure".  The curing process removes some of the moisture and gives this dough a real uniqueness.  

After tavern style dough is topped and baked, it is cut into square or rectangles, known as "party cut" or "tavern cut" making it easy to share and enjoy with friends and family.  And remember we are going to be cooking our tavern style sauce for this style pizza...

Huge thanks for our special guest Billy Zureikat for joining us at our Grand Rapids Studio and teaching us all how to crush Chicago Tavern Style Pizza. 


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