Cacio e Pepe Pizza Recipe

Cacio e Pepe Pizza Recipe

One of our favorite issues of Food and Wine Magazine  had the coolest pizza shot on the cover.  They reversed engineered a pasta classic, cacio e pepe, except it was made on a pizza crust.  Imagine a perfectly cooked dough on our Baking Steel, and all you have to add is olive oil, pecorino and lots of ground black pepper.  We just couldn't wait to create this pizza.

Chef Stefano Callegari of Sbanco offered a pretty neat technique while baking the dough naked.  After you stretch out the dough and launch simply take a few ice cubes and drop them on the center of the pizza.  He uses this technique with his wood fired ovens at Sbanco.  This rule breaking method melts the ice and leaves the crust moist and slightly sticky.  

Another observation we discovered with this technique is that not only does this moisten the dough, it also prevents the pizza from burning in the center.  Which is often the case when baking a pizza naked with the broiler on.  After the bake, you drizzle the olive oil, crack the pepper and grate the cheese.  It's truly a delight... 



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