Homemade Baking Steel Bagel Recipe

Freshly baked homemade bagels

Many people love bagels, but few have ever learned how to master them at home. This is truly tragic, because there is nothing like a freshly boiled-then-baked bagel. Perhaps you’ve had a taste of this perfection if you’ve ever been the first customer on line in a NYC bagel shop, but even that experience won’t give you the inimitable sense of pride that comes from making your own. 

Once the dough has been boiled, finishing up your bagels on the Baking Steel allows for the perfect New York bagel texture: slightly crispy-chewy on the outside, and soft and tender on the inside. The recipe starts a day before you actually get to eat the bagels; pre-fermenting the dough overnight gives you a head start on flavor, adding a yeasty aroma which differentiates these bagels from rounds of white bread. First boiling, then baking the bagels gives them an assertive but not overpowering density. Your cream cheese will be honored to grace them.

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Someone forming a bagel with our best bagel recipe


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