The Best Way to Cook a Frozen Pizza

The Best Way to Cook a Frozen Pizza

Every once in a while I am asked if the Baking Steel would work it's magic on a frozen pizza. The short answer is yes, very much so!  In fact, the BEST way to cook a frozen pizza, is on the Baking Steel

If you're not likely to keep fresh dough in the fridge, it's a good idea to always have a frozen pizza on hand, for "emergency" purposes. In New England, any mention of snow makes the grocery store unbearable 1-2 days before the storm...everyone frantically buying up eggs, water and bread by the cart full! Avoid the frenzy by having some frozen pies on hand.  The kids home from school, on yet another snow day, will be singing your praises at the sled hill!

Yesterday, while hunkering down for Winter Storm Stella, I was down to my last ball of dough and minimal options for toppings, when my boys asked me for lunch. Luckily, I had both an Amy's Margherita and an Amy's 3-Cheese Cornmeal Crust Pizza, stored away in the freezer.  With my Baking Steel already preheated, I launched the frozen pizza into the oven & onto my steel. 

I can't be the only one who has turned their nose up at frozen pizza in the past. I can't help but imagine, that soggy crust, one bite burnt, the other still frozen, but times have changed, thanks to the Baking Steel!  Once out of the oven, I only got one small slice before the boys devoured the rest. The Baking Steel cooked the pizza perfectly!  It was cooked evenly throughout and offered a bottom crust with nice, crisp texture.

When given the option between frozen or fresh, I'll always choose the latter, but it's nice to know that I have a reliable backup plan in the freezer.  My boys were happy too-pizza always trumps a soggy sandwich, especially after a morning of shoveling, sledding and playing in the snow!  Boom what? Lunchtime hero! 

Directions: Pre-heat your Baking Steel for 30 minutes and follow the directions on the box.  I didn't amp up the heat and cooked this one at 425 F almost per the instructions. (I factored in the power of the Baking Steel and dropped the temp 25 F).  And keep a close eye on the timing, we cooked these in about 10 minutes faster than the recommended 12-14.

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