Puffy Pizza Dough

Welcome to the Steel Studio! Chef Craig diving into the world of puffy pizza dough. This recipe is so rad, but it's a little small for us. So, instead, we're going scale it up a bit and make a two-cup flour dome recipe, perfect for two pizzas or one huge pizza, depending on how you see it! It's simple, awesome, and in 24 hours it will become the ultimate dough.

Alright, first up, my awesome dough container! Love this thing! Now, for the magic ingredient, this bread flour from Central Milling, trust me, it's the bomb! Let's go heaping with the cup, not holding back, just let it all in there!

Oh, and sea salt, baby! That fine stuff, just a teaspoon of it. Need to whisk it around, avoid the salt-eating the yeast too early! Next, we've got the Flash! Nah, not really, it's Fleischmann's active dry yeast. Quarter teaspoon, coming right up! No need to be exact here, just a bit of that magic yeastiness! Whisk again, 'cause we're groovy like that!

Now, the water, and remember, we're still using the same cup for this! Be a little careful not to overfill it, don't want a water spillage party! Pour it in, all the way to the top, no holding back!

Time to get messy! Let's get that massive dough mixing action going! Glide, slide, and knead the flour, and see how it starts coming together like it's in a Broadway musical! You're doing great, my friends!

Add a little flour on the surface, and scrape the dough out! All the goodness coming together, just beautiful! And drizzle on the oil, oh yeah! This oil is going to make it chewy like a dream!

Alright, my friends, we got the dough, we got the oil, all together in that cool container! Cover it up, and it's time to let the magic happen! Leave it out at room temp for 24 hours, or you can pop it in the fridge if you need a little vacation!

And there you have it, the legendary puffy pizza dough! But hold your horses, we're not done yet! Tomorrow, we will divide it up to make those perfect dough balls, and then we'll be in pizza heaven!