Baking Steel Original - Baking Steel
Baking Steel Original - Baking Steel
Baking Steel Original - Baking Steel
Baking Steel Original - Baking Steel
Baking Steel Original - Baking Steel

Baking Steel Original

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“If you want to make the best, most bubbly, and well-browned pizza, The Original Baking Steel produces a crust like no other and is easy to move, clean, and use.”

  • 14 x 16 x 1/4 inch
  • Virtually indestructible

  • 15 LBS.
  • Made in the USA

  • Flat and easy storage

  • For home ovens, grills, induction, camp fires, and more

  • Does more than just pizza! Great for rustic breads and more…
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As Seen On

The Boston Blobe
bon appetit

An unlikely product that was 40 years in the making.

My dad’s a steel man. My brother’s a steel man. And I suppose somewhere deep inside I’m a steel man, too. My family owns the Stoughton Steel Company in the South Shore of Boston, where we’ve made industrial steel products for over 40 years.

Unexpected start to a story about pizza, right?

Well, when I was young I wasn’t very interested in the family business. Instead, I learned that I loved working in restaurant kitchens. There’s something about the energy, the hustle and of course, the food.
In my twenties I landed a cooking job with the celebrated chef Todd English, slinging pizza at his Boston restaurant, Figs. Todd was at the head of the artisan pizza trend: he sourced local ingredients and championed the now-trendy airy, thin crust pizza long before anyone said the phrase “farm to table.” My time at Figs offered an education that I couldn’t have bought.
It’s true what they say: the best education is hands-on experience. And under chef Todd English, I was steeped in all the pizza-making experience I could ask for.
Like any person, I already liked pizza. But after working for Todd, I lived for it.

But homemade pizza never lived up to what we made in the restaurant

Although homemade pizza is fun to make, the pie never quite measures up to the airy, perfectly crispy crust you get straight out of a restaurant’s screaming-hot brick oven. For years I (and every serious home cook I knew) had used a baking stone in our ovens, thinking that they were the best way to approximate the charred, blistered crusts we love. Even with my training, though, I never thought I could make restaurant-quality pizza at home.


There are 3 major problems with baking stones:
They are prone to cracking.
They are not great at retaining heat or evenly dispersing that heat across their entire surface.
They require long cooking times (10 minutes or more) that dry out the crust—a cardinal sin in pizza making
The way I saw it, I was left with 3 options. I could deal with these problems like I had been, I could
spend thousands of dollars to build a wood-fired pizza oven (ha!), or I could invent my own solution.

Little Did I Know The Solution Had Been Staring Me In The Face My Whole Life

how I started this story? Turns out, steel is amazing for more than just industrial parts. Years ago, I came across an article about Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine. That hallowed encyclopedia of food science makes a key observation about the physics of baking. It essentially says, “Did you know the best conductor for making a perfect pizza crust is not a stone, but steel?” If I were anyone else, I might have nodded, thought about it for a second, and moved on with my life. But not everyone is a steel man with a passion for pizza.
This felt like fate.
Soon after, I sprinted into the steel plant to hunt for the thinnest piece of metal I could find to test the idea out. I found a rusty scrap that had once been a Caterpillar part. It wasn’t pretty, but it looked like just the right size for my experiment.
That first pizza I made was revelatory: it baked in half the time of my traditional pizza stone, and the perfect, airy crispness of the crust brought me back to the days of working with a 900-degree wood-fired oven.
And thus, The Original Baking Steel® was born. Well, at least after making some modifications to the shape, weight, and seasoning process.
In the years since, The Original Baking Steel® has been widely celebrated by home cooks and professional chefs alike

The Original Baking Steel® will turn your 500° oven into an industrial powerhouse.

Baking Steel
Cooks pizzas in 3–5 minutes
virtually indestructible
Great value for price
Made in the USA
rustic breads, smash burgers, bagels & More

Noticed how long it took you to read up to this point on the page? About 4 minutes, assuming you didn’t pause or skim. That’s the same amount of time it takes to bake a beautiful pizza with The Original Baking Steel®.

Thanks to steel’s unique ability to conduct heat better than stone, you can bake your favorite pizza in half the time… with better, tastier results.

Because steel retains heat better and conducts heat more efficiently, The Original Baking Steel® will be the equivalent of a 900° wood-fired oven despite being in your 500° home oven.

As a result, you greatly reduce the risk of drying out your crust. Ever bite into a homemade pizza that had a decent crunch, but then felt like chewing on cardboard? You can thank your baking stone for that. Longer cooking times means more moisture being drawn out of that precious (and I do mean precious) dough you spent hours developing. What a waste.

All of these pizzas, breads, burgers, and more were made with The Original Baking Steel®:

Frequently Asked Questions

-The Original Baking Steel
-Baking Steel Booklet with recipes and How-To's
-Use and Care Instructions

-16 Lbs.
-14"x16"x1/4" Thick
-Low Carbon Steel
-Made in the USA
-Pre Seasoned with our Proprietary Oil
-Flat and Easy Storage

- Heat Transfer 20 X of a pizza stone
- The Baking Steel® is indestructible
- You can make a pizza in less than 5 minutes

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Easy To use

It’s perfect for rustic breads, smash burgers, bagels, and plenty of your other favorites. Plus, you can put the Original Baking Steel® on your grill as it doubles as a griddle! That’s the benefit of steel.

While The Original Baking Steel® was originally invented to make pizza better and faster, it can do so much more.

A Few Words From Our Verified Customers

Made In The Usa

The Original Baking Steel® is proudly made in the USA. Maybe we could find a cheaper supplier overseas. But we didn’t want to risk the quality of our product. We take great pride in providing you (and your dough) with only the best.

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