The Best Way To Cook Multiple Pizzas In Your Home Oven

The Best Way To Cook Multiple Pizzas In Your Home Oven


Feeling overwhelmed about throwing down the ultimate pizza party, or feeding a bunch of hungry kids?  Don’t panic!  I’ve got a helpful hint to get you through the chaos.  With this tip, I can show you a way to crank out a pizza every TWO minutes.

Here is what you do:  Use two Baking Steel Steels!  Place one steel on the top and one on the bottom rack.  This will transform your home oven into a pizza-making machine.

Next, bring the heat!  You want to get that oven cranked up to 500 F.  So preheat like a boss!  Before you turn the oven on, make sure you have your pizza dough out on the counter and resting.  That final proof is critical!! I like my pizza dough to rest for 4-5 hours after I ball it up.  

While your oven heats up, start working on your mis en place.  For me, that means cheese is grated, tomato sauce is made and any toppings are sliced and diced.

Fast forward to go time and let’s talk about the two steel set-up.  With two Baking Steels in your oven, we've created two shelves.  Top and bottom.   

Right before you launch switch your over to the broiler setting and wait for it to kick in.  As soon as it does, you are going to launch onto the top steel, cook for two minutes and then rotate that pizza to the bottom steel to cook for two more minutes.  When you move that first pizza down, you launch your second to the top steel and repeat.

Keep an eye on your ovens broiler.  Ideally you want it to be Red Hot each time you launch. 

Sound confusing?  Watch the video below and hopefully, it will start to make sense.  Make sure you have your timer ready and you’re on your game before you start!  It may take a hot minute to get into the groove, but you’ll be moving fast and churning out pies in no time.   


 Have more time?   We did a Zoom Class on this very subject.  Making two pizzas on two Baking Steel Originals every two minutes.  Class was super fun and we were able to pull off this technique.

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