The Baking Steel Plus

baking steel plus

Hey Guys! We're Back. And Bigger Than Ever.

We design and make Ultra Conductive Cooking and Baking Equipment. To pre-order our Baking Steel PLUS and change your home-cooking game, click "Shop Now". READ ON!

Baking Steel PLUS makes everything BIGGER, BETTER, QUICKER.

2 pizzas at the same time? YUP.

The Baking Steel PLUS provides enough real estate that you are now able to bake 2 pizzas on the same Baking Steel at the same time. Genius right?

4+ artisan, bakery sized baguettes? YUP.

Bring the bakery into your home oven. 16",18", even 20" Baguettes are now a thing. Your home bakery dreams are now coming true, thanks to the Baking Steel PLUS.

Bigger is Definitely Better

More Real Estate = More Food To Cook

Coming in at 20"x15"x1/4", this is the Biggest Baking Steel on the market. You'll be creating epic Pizzas, Breads, Meals, etc for years to come.

Quite simply, it makes cooking at home even better!



Baking Steel PLUS is not a one trick pony.

Pizza made us famous. The PLUS is taking you to the next level. Fortunately for you, there's nothing the PLUS can't really do.

The thermal conductivity and heat capacity of the PLUS turns your home oven into an industrial powerhouse. From legendary pizzas to bakery worthy breads, the PLUS is creating a crust that so many crave and now can create.

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