Welcome Katie Uhran Our Health and Fitness Expert

Welcome Katie Uhran Our Health and Fitness Expert

My name is Katie and I am so beyond excited to be sharing monthly content with all of the Baking Steel community. This is an amazing opportunity for me to create some delicious, healthy, simple recipes, while also educating and inspiring you to live your best life from the inside out, through daily movement, nourishing recipes, and self-care. But before we dive into all of this, let me introduce myself…

I am 44 years old and about to turn 45 next week. I live in Charleston, SC with my two rescue pups Lucy and Penelope. I am a runner, yogi, strength training, foodie, who lives life to the fullest, while always growing, learning, and exploring. If I am not working out, you will find me walking the beach with the pups, reading a good book, or being out and about with friends enjoying good wine and food. 

Life is about a balance and I practice what I preach…YES I eat well and train hard, but I also live life and enjoy pizza, burgers and fries, a perfectly seared rib eye, and an espresso martini! I do what works for me and my body and it has taken a lot of hard work to find that balance, but I’m here, I’m happy, I’m thriving, and I hope you will join me on this crazy journey as I cook, eat, workout, and inspire!

So what will I be sharing here in this space with all of YOU?

ALL THE THINGS, because if you haven’t noticed, I like to talk and inspire and educate, so there will be a healthy balance of easy, simple, nourishing recipes and why I eat them, why you should give them a try too, but also there will be fun. Lots of talk about the importance of protein, as to why as a female athlete, I eat so much of it. YES, I eat a lot of red meat and I love to cook it on my Baking Steel mini-griddle! I may even throw in some of my favorite workouts…my favorite splurge worthy meals…It’s going to be a good time. I PROMISE!

Up first…One of my absolute favorite post workout bowls are savory oats! They are easy, versatile, and jam packed with all the nutrients that I need to replenish my muscles. It is a healthy combo of PROTEIN, fats, carbohydrates, and vegetables. I eat it regularly as it not only tastes GOOD but feels GOOD. And did I mention it is ready in less than 15 minutes?!?!? BOOM!

Looking forward to sharing lots of delicious, healthy meals with all of you...

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