Classic Cheese Calzone Recipe

classic cheese calzone


I hope you made some pizza dough this week, because this cheese calzone recipe is going to make you and everyone who snags a slice, very proud. We saw how they've done it at Lucali's in New York. The technique is super simple, and there is a lot of room inside to for plenty of cheese. We kept this one simple and classic. We used some of our no cook sauce to dip and then we stuffed it with fresh mozzarella and shredded fontina cheese. We just love the classics and hope you do too.

We love to use parchment paper when we make calzoes.  The cheese inside can bleed out, and the parchment does a great job of keeping your Baking Steel clean as it's baking.  Just be mindful you do not want to use your broiler with paper inside your oven. 





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