Baking Steel: The Ultimate Smash Burger

Baking Steel: The Ultimate Smash Burger

 The Ultimate Smash Burger Recipe

I’m going to make a bold statement: this is simply the best burger you will ever make or eat at home. 

If you’ve somehow remained immune to the smash burger trend, it works like so. You start by forming your beef into a meatball. Then, you put it on a hot surface and smash it with all of your might. What this does is creates an inimitable sear on the bottom of the meat, sealing in all of the flavor, and allowing the meat to almost caramelize. It makes for a truly smashing (couldn’t resist) burger experience. 

In this recipe, culinary genius Kenji López-Alt takes the trend one step further, and delivers a double decker patty sandwiched with gooey cheese. It’s truly last meal-worthy. 


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