72-hour Pizza Dough: A Cold Version

fermenting pizza dough

Best Pizza Dough Recipe

Baking Steel fans know that we’re all about the 72-hour pizza dough.

This is because the 72-hour approach is what ensures the amazing texture and richness of flavor – and both parameters are crucial to our idea of what good pizza is really about.

So, naturally, changing up our dough recipe is not something we take lightly. Far from it.

Nevertheless, we have done exactly that.

What’s the difference?

We’re sticking with the long and slow fermentation, but we have removed the step that we realized was, in fact, not crucial at all to achieving the desired results:

The 24-hour room temperature bulk fermentation.

Through rigorous testing, we determined that the difference in flavor is practically unnoticeable – and the whole process just becomes a whole lot easier. It’s a trade-off we’re willing to make. (And we’d like to think we’re pretty snobby about pizza.)

In short, you mix your bulk dough and place the entire badge in the fridge. Then, when you’re in the mood for pizza, simply remove a couple of portions – ball ‘em up and let the dough proof at room temperature for a few hours before baking your pizzas.

It’s incredibly easy.

The advantages of the new recipe

Consider a situation when you’re going away for a couple of days. No longer will you have to worry about pre-fermented dough balls over-proofing in the fridge.

Also, you will save precious space in your fridge, since the final proofing (and thereby the physical expansion of the dough) happens outside the fridge.

There’s more good news: While we call this 72-hour dough, it will actually be epic for up to a whole week. (Yes, 7-day pizza dough is a thing now.)

So, what’s the caveat? Truly, there is none. Just make this dough, fire up your Baking Steel and make yourself some pizza. You will be a legend in your own mind before you know it.



72 Hour Pizza Dough Recipe (makes 4 - 12” Pies)

Scale recipe up or down using the percentages (in this video, we tripled these amounts)


500 grams (3 3/4 cups) organic bread flour (100%)

16 grams (2 tsp) fine sea salt (3%)

1 gram (1/4 tsp) active dry yeast (.02%)

350 grams or (1 1/2 cups ) of water (70%)


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together the bread flour, salt, and yeast.

  2. Slowly add the water, and mix with a wooden spoon just to combine. Once the mixture is moistened, lightly flour a countertop or large cutting board and remove the dough from the bowl with lightly oiled or wet hands (to discourage sticking). Knead for 2-3 minutes to remove clumps. The dough won't become elastic, but should easily form a loose ball.

  3. Place the dough in a bowl and cover with an air tight lid or plastic wrap.

  4. Place dough container in refrigerator for up to 7 days. Remove portions as needed and goto next step.

  5. Lightly flour a large cutting board or your kitchen countertop, and place the dough on it. Wet or lightly oil your hands again.

  6. Make your dough balls.

  7. Place the dough balls on a sheet tray and lightly flour and cover. Let proof for 2-4 hours to allow the glutens to relax.

  8. Turn on your oven about 1 hour prior to pizza making with your Baking Steel  on the top rack, preheat at 500 F.

  9. Make your pizza.

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