Puffy Pizza Class

Hey there, pizza lovers! Today, we're going to make some puffy pizza that'll blow your taste buds away. The secret to making it puffy lies in both the dough and how we stretch it out. It's time to get right into this culinary adventure. So let's do this!

Make your dough balls around 250 grams each. First things first, flour up your workspace, a combo of flour and semolina flour. Let's drop the dough right into it and give it a good coating on both sides. It's like magic. And now, I'll gently press it out, not too far, though. I want this beauty to explode on my baking steel, like a cloud of pizza perfection!

Now stretch it out with some gravity-defying moves. Look at those bubbles! This pizza feels like it's floating on air. So, I usually stretch it to around 12 inches.

My trusty pizza peel is waiting for some action, so I'll give it a little dusting with flour and semolina. There we go! Now I'll gently place the dough right on top Don’t forget to pinch those edges. That's how we get that extra puffiness.

Onto the sauce! I've got this incredible Bianco DiNapoli sauce. I'll put a dollop in the center and spread it out lightly. Remember, we're keeping it light on the toppings. Less weight means more puffiness! Now, for the cheese, I've got some fresh mozzarella and shredded fontine. Let's sprinkle them on gently, giving extra attention to that crust.

A little drizzle of oil, just for good measure, and now it's time to unleash the broiler magic. My oven's been preheating with the baking steel at 450, and now I'll switch to broil on high. This is the trick to launching this pizza with maximum Broiler fire! It's going to be incredible.

Give it one last jiggle, and then it's showtime! I'll slide it onto the baking steel, and boom, we're in business! The oven door closes, and we watch it work its magic. The Broiler gives it some nice color on top, and when I rotate it, I turn off the Broiler and switch to convection at 475 or maybe 500 if you're feeling brave!

But hey, let's not set off the fire alarm. Been there, done that! Removing the pizza is a breeze. Slide the peel under it, and it's done, just like that! Look at that beautiful pizza, crispy on the bottom, and oh-so-delicious. So let's dive in and enjoy this masterpiece. Pizza perfection, my friends!