Perfect Pita Bread

Hey Pizza Lovers! Today we're diving  into the realm of the mystical pita bread. Why's it mystical? Well, for one thing, the dough is like magic in your hands. For another, these bad boys puff up like nobody's business.

Let's get down to the dough. Usually, we’re all about that pizza dough life. But when it comes to pita, we're playing in the same dough ballpark. We're talking hydration that could go anywhere from 60 to 80. Take 100-gram dough balls and roll them up. And, here's the sweet part, pita doesn't need to rest much. After an hour or two of chilling, it's dough time.

Now, add 16 grams of sea salt, whisk it up. Don’t forget the yeast! Add a gram here, a gram and a half there, who's counting, really? Sometimes you’ve got to improvise.

Time to introduce water to the equation. Filtered water, because let's face it, dough deserves the best. Add 350 grams, zero the scale, and pour away. Now we’re on a roll.

Dough magic, anyone? Flour-contained, scale on standby. Get into the spatula action, mix and mingle that water with the flour. And then, like a kitchen artist, use your hands. Knead, knead, knead until the dry clumps are gone! It's all about flour fusion. A couple of minutes of kneading, and we're set. Container covered, dough tucked in for a 12-hour snooze.

It’s time to wake up the dough for their big moment. Divide them up and  roll, roll, roll, and get the dough balls chilling, all set for the pita party.

Let's make magic, shall we? Flour, roll the ball, flatten it out, press, roll, and boom—pita-discs ready to rock! And now we launch these beauties into a preheated 500-degree oven with baking steel already waiting. Now it's like a culinary Vegas act, and it's all about that puff.

Pita's puffing, and it's like watching culinary fireworks right before your eyes. The dough rises, the steam swirls, and our pita emerges, triumphant and puffed to perfection.

Use careful hands to remove the pita pillows,  because these little pockets of joy are hot stuff. Linen blanket for the win and we're tucking these steamy wonders in nice and cozy.

And folks, that's how you get your pita groove on, Baking Steel style. From pita pockets to pita pizzas, these little wonders are ready to stuff. Stay curious, stay hungry, and remember, life's too short for boring bread. Catch you on the flip side!