Arugula Pizza Class

Today, we're diving right into the world of culinary magic with an incredible recipe: Arugula Pizza with Caramelized Onions, Fontina Cheese, and a splash of balsamic. Trust me, this one's a winner, and I'm here to show you just how easy it is to create this mouthwatering masterpiece.

Now, when it comes to making pizza, whether it's for company or just a cozy night in, preparation is key. That's why I always have everything ready ahead of time, so I can focus on the fun part – stretching the dough and launching it into that sizzling oven.

Picture this: my trusty cutting board right in front of me, ingredients lined up like culinary soldiers ready for battle. First up, we've got some gorgeous arugula. This baby arugula, oh man, I picked it up at Whole Foods, and it's a sight to behold. Fresh and vibrant, it's the perfect green to elevate our pizza.

Next on the lineup, we've got some beautifully caramelized onions. Now, let me tell you, these babies require some pre-making, but the depth of flavor they bring to this pizza is simply divine.

And then there's the Fontina cheese. Oh, the joy of shredding it myself this morning! I've got this fantastic Wonder Shredder, a true game-changer in the cheese-shredding department. I even got an email the other day about it, and trust me, the Wonder Shredder is the real deal. You can find one on Ebay if you need one.

But enough chatter, let's get down to business – the pizza itself.

I take my dough, sturdy and full of potential, and place it on my flour-dusted cutting board, ensuring no piece gets left behind. Then, I plop it right into the flour, giving it a good coating on both sides. It feels like a cloud, I tell ya.

Now comes the fun part. I lightly press the dough out, just enough to make it puffy. You know, we've been on this puffy pizza kick, and there's something truly magical about it. It's all in the technique. Don't stretch it too far, just gently press and shape until It's about eight or nine inches of pizza goodness.

To ensure smooth sailing, I grab my trusty peel and sprinkle a little flour on it. Those little flour bits act like ball bearings, making sure our pizza slides off with ease. I set it aside and continue pressing the dough, giving it a gentle tug here and there. We're not going for perfection. A little imperfection adds character.

Now, behold the moment of truth. With a flick of the wrist, I transfer the dough onto the peel. Next up, I grab those glorious caramelized onions and spread them out over the dough. Simple, yet so satisfying. And here's a tip: when it comes to pizza, less is more. We're going for balance and harmony here, letting each ingredient shine.

Oh, and the Fontina cheese! It's time to sprinkle that shredded goodness all over. Watch as it melts and intertwines with the caramelized onions. Talk about flavor heaven. Beautiful, right?

Now, before we take the plunge into the oven, let me share a little secret. Whenever I launch a pizza, I always have a towel in hand. With my trusty peel and towel in hand, I position myself, ready to make pizza magic happen. Whether you have a pull-out rack or not, that towel keeps me grounded and ready to slide that pizza into the oven with finesse.

And now, it's show time! With a swift flick of the wrist, the pizza takes flight, gracefully landing on my Baking Steel that has been warming in the oven. Two minutes is all it takes for the transformation to begin. The colors start to dance, the cheese melts and bubbles, and the caramelized onions develop a tantalizing char. It's a symphony of flavors and textures coming together.

The pizza emerges with a golden crust and a delightful hint of char on top of that melty cheese and perfectly cooked onions. It's a visual feast, a work of art that's about to tantalize your taste buds.

We're not stopping here. It's time to elevate this pizza to new heights. I reach for a handful of fresh arugula, vibrant and full of life. I gently press it on top of the pizza, adding a refreshing element that balances the richness of the cheese and onions. Ah, the harmony!

And for the finishing touch, a subtle drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Just a splash to enhance the flavors and bring a touch of acidity that awakens your senses. It's like a flavor symphony, playing all the right notes on your palate.

Voilà! The masterpiece is complete. Super easy, incredibly tasteful, and absolutely gorgeous. The colors, the aromas, the textures, everything comes together to create a pizza that will make you famous in your own home. Trust me, when it comes to pizza, simplicity reigns supreme, and this pie is a true testament to that philosophy.