Sauce Talk Ep. 1 | Pizza That Helps You Lose Weight


In today's blog post, we're delving into an incredibly inspiring and delicious journey with our special guest, Biz, on the premiere episode of "Sauce Talk with Andris." Biz, a long-time friend and a culinary innovator, shares with us her transformative health and culinary adventure. Over the past two years, Biz has impressively shed 40 pounds by adopting a lifestyle of mindfulness and balance, steering clear of transient diet fads. Her philosophy? Embrace a slow, methodical approach to wellness that incorporates the joy of cooking and eating into a sustainable way of life.

Our discussion with Biz wasn't merely about her weight loss story; it was a rich exploration of the art of pizza making—a craft she has mastered while staying true to her health objectives. The cornerstone of her success? A "skinny dough" recipe that she devised out of necessity and creativity. Disappointed by the restrictive nature of traditional diet recipes, Biz reinvented pizza dough by mixing self-rising flour with Greek yogurt, then perfected it with her own additions of salt, yeast, and water. This dough is a game-changer for home bakers, offering a health-conscious alternative that doesn't skimp on flavor, with each ounce tallying just one Weight Watcher Point.

But the brilliance of Biz's methodology goes beyond the dough. It encompasses her life and food ethos: everything in moderation. This approach allows her to savor the foods she loves—especially pizza—without constraints. By championing balance, Biz illustrates how it's possible to indulge in our beloved dishes, like a scrumptious, homemade pizza, while maintaining our wellness goals.

During our session, we got hands-on, preparing pizzas that not only showcased Biz's inventive recipes but also the pleasure of cooking with companions. Pizza, after all, is one of those universal joys that gather people around, and crafting it from scratch adds an extra layer of contentment to the experience.

Biz's narrative serves as a potent reminder that transformation is a gradual process that demands patience, resilience, and a dose of inventiveness—particularly in the kitchen. Her advice to anyone embarking on a similar journey is heartfelt: let go of the rigid timelines and scales that dictate your milestones. Wellness is a personal expedition, distinct as the individual on the path.

Before we concluded, Biz shared some pragmatic wisdom and culinary inspiration, urging everyone to discover the joys within their own kitchens. For those keen to follow in her footsteps or simply in search of some tantalizing culinary content, Biz's adventures and recipes can be accessed across her digital channels at ""

As we ended our episode, surrounded by the inviting scent of freshly baked pizza, we reflected on the insights gained. Biz's tale is a testimony to the transformative power of persistence, creativity, and, most importantly, a passion for food. So, here's to crafting a delectable life journey, one homemade pizza slice at a time.

Until next time, Andris from Sauce Talk, signing off with inspiration in our hearts and a belly full of pizza.

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