The Downside of Sous Vide Steak

Sous Vide Steak

Whether you are a professional chef or a terrible home cook, Sous Vide cooking has leveled the playing field A LOT when it comes to temperature control and cooking of certain products. For loads of people, they have a really hard time with gauging temperature on cuts of meat. Nobody wants to hear Aunt Dally complain about an overcooked steak or Uncle Larry's undercooked burger.

Sous Vide technology takes the thinking out of this portion of cooking for everyone. Simply get your waterbath to whatever temperature you want your end product to get to and prepare your product. For us, it was a 23 day-dry aged rib eye from Whole Foods. We simply seasoned it liberally with salt and pepper and sealed it into a vacuum food saver bag.

The downside of a Sous Vide steak?  After the bath, you end up with a perfectly cooked steak that is literally pink from corner to corner. This is where the Baking Steel comes in.  The Baking Steel on your stove top or on the grill will get ripping hot in short time.  We know it the steel transfers heat into pizza dough fast. But guess what? Steel distributes heat better than almost anything, meaning your Steak is going to have one hell of a crispy crust.  We are calling this the Baking Steel Sear, simply the best tip after you Sous Vide your steak.

We set our water bath up with the all-powerful and uber accurate Anova Precision Cooker to 115 F. One hour is all we wanted for this steak to bathe for. Once that hour was up, we fired up our Mini Baking Steel Griddle on HIGH for about 6-7 minutes, getting it upwards of 550-600 degrees. Make sure you always pat your meat dry from the juices when taking out of vacuum bag. Season again with salt and pepper, throw on to the HOT griddle and sear on all sides, literally no more than 20 seconds per side. REST YOUR MEAT!!!! 5-7 minutes at least (your steak won't be cold, trust me!) Slice and serve...we used a little salsa verde with our lunch. 

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