Simple Apple Slab Pie Recipe

Simple Apple Slab Pie Recipe

We ditched the pie plate for this slab. Frankly, we always had issues with those glass pyrex dishes anyways. And if pies are lacking anything, it’s a crispy crust.  Any of your Baking Steel products are going to do an amazing job of blasting even heat from below.  That's truly one of the incredible benefits of having a Baking Steel inside your oven.  Even when making pies, the temperature is going to remain constant.  If you are baking pizzas at 500 F or pies at450 F or even cookies at 350F, your home oven is going to benefit wildly from having a Baking Steel inside.

You are going to want to use parchment paper or a silipat when assembling your pies.   Otherwise, the juices from the apples will spill out onto your Steel and create a little havoc.  And that makes for a messy Steel.  


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