How to Spatchcock Turkey

How to Spatchcock Turkey

The majority of the country cooks a big Turkey for Thanksgiving. That’s easy to say. Most of them also cook the bird far too long. They wait for that glorious “PLASTIC THERMOMETER” to pop, leave it in or an extra 15 minutes, just to, “make sure it’s cooked”. Then they remove it and let it rest for another 20-30 minutes (at which point the bird has continued to carry over cook another 15-20 degrees). Needless to say, the “traditional turkey” cooking method should be thrown out the window. Who actually puts the bird on the table for a centerpiece? Let’s be honest. Unless you are doing it for the gram.

So what should you do this year instead? You’re thinking….“it’s too late, I’m already doing it the same way as last year. My turkey is already in a brine, blah blah blah.” There is an easy way, spatchcock your turkey. If your not familiar with the term spatchcock here is what’s going on. Basically, you are removing the back of the bird, separating the breast plate, and cooking it flat, more evenly, and quicker. Much quicker. 16-18 lb turkey done in 1 hour and 20 minutes. That’s a big time saver over years past.

Where does the Baking Steel come into play?

The Baking Steel emits so much heat into the underside (place your sheet tray direction on top of your Steel) of that bird giving your guests a super moist inside and crispy, crackly top side. All that’s left to do? Let it rest for 20-30 minutes and carve it. (*CHEF TIP 101: Cook turkey until thermometer reaches 150/155 in the legs. It will carry over 10-15 degrees easily for you.)


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