How to Season a Pan the Baking Steel Way

seasoning a pan

1. Remove the beeswax with hot water and a sponge.

2. Pour enough oil to fully cover bottom of pan and apply to sides as well.

3. Once oil is smoking (350-400F), let it cool down on sides. Remove oil and wipe with paper towel.




Our Inspiration 

             A match made in heaven. 

        A unique combination of interests and skills led to the birth of the Baking Steel. And, in my humble opinion, pizza is the better for it. Having studied Culinary Arts, I’m pretty passionate about food – pizza in particular. In fact, my thoughts are never far from creating the perfect crust. As fate would have it, one day, I was reading pieces of Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold. In his  book, Nathan stated that the best tool to use for making the perfect crust would be a piece of steel.  And that, my friends, was my “AHA” moment! You see, I grew up with and worked for a family-owned, steel manufacturing business, Stoughton Steel. 

         According to Modernist Cuisine, steel is a more conductive cooking surface than a brick oven’s stone. Because of that conductivity, it cooks faster and more evenly at a lower temperature, resulting in a beautiful, thin, crispy crust. 

Real-life tests with my steel confirmed that theory completely for me! 

We’ve met one of the oldest producers of carbon steel pans in the world and that’s DeBuyer out of France. We’ve partnered on this pan to create something magical for your kitchen. 

     Create Some Love.

        Best, Andris 


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