Detroit Style Pizza Cooking Class

We're diving headfirst into the world of pizza magic! Today, we're working with our 72-hour dough. Now, if you've followed us before, you know I love a good two or three-day dough. We're putting a twist on it, Detroit style!

You might have heard that Detroit-style dough tends to have a higher water content, a real hydration boost. Our typical dough rocks a solid 70 hydration, but this time, I went wild and bumped it up to 80 hydration. Instead of my usual 400 grams of water, I upped it 300 more. It's all about making it more watery, but don't fret because what we'll get is a pizza masterpiece - more air pockets, more fluffiness, pure awesomeness!

Now, let's get cooking this Detroit-style beauty! I've got my dough here, and I've already worked it into this pan that I've oiled up all around. You can see it's like a bubbly, doughy dream in there. This bad boy's been sitting since early morning, and I've been pressing and coaxing it out for the last half-hour. It's a bit of a dance, you know? You have to be patient, let it rest every now and then, and work it to the edges. We want to get as close to those corners as possible, just like we're hugging them with love.

Now, let's talk cheese. Oh, man, the cheese game is strong here. I'm going for a mix of cheddar and Monterey Jack, and I'm going to make sure some of that cheddar goodness hangs on the edges. We want those crispy, cheese-infused edges!

Time for the sauce! Some folks do the stripes after baking, but I'm all about keeping it simple and let the sauce and cheese meld together in flavor paradise. So, I'm going to make some beautiful stripes right here on top of the cheese.

Alright, friends, we've assembled our Detroit-style wonder! Look at this beauty! I'm popping it on my baking Steel in the oven. The heat from below is going to hit that cold pan and make this baby cook like a pizza wizardry.

Ding! Timer's up, and check this out! Ta-da! A masterpiece! It's cold right now, but believe me, when I heat this up again, it's going to be a pizza symphony for your taste buds. Crispy bottom, flavorful sauce, and a perfect blend of cheeses.

So, there you have it, my friends, my Detroit-style pepperoni wonder. Some like it one way, others prefer different styles, but its pizza, and we're all winners here! Now, who's ready to join me on this pizza fest? Let's devour these delicious slices together!