How To Make Cheesy Bread Sticks on a Baking Steel

How To Make Cheesy Bread Sticks on a Baking Steel

Bread and cheese are quite possibly two of the best foods on the planet - a crusty slice of bread, a little slab of cheese, what could be better, right?  Well, we thought we’d take things up a notch and combine these two favorites into one killer product:  Cheesy Bread Sticks! 

To make, portion our 72-hour dough into 100-gram balls.  Next, flatten each ball into a roundish disc shape - this will knockout those pesky air bubbles and give a nice bit of landing space for the cheese. Move on to stuffing these babies with cheese - we used Whole Foods mozzarella cheese sticks, but really you could clean out the fridge and use any cheese(s) you love!  After you’ve decided on your fromage, “stuff” the bread and roll those discs up like a cigar.  Don’t forget to pinch the seams!  Now bake in your pre-heated oven, on your Baking Steel, for 10-12 minutes.  Remove when golden brown, grab a side of tomato sauce and serve hot.  
Easy to make and oh so delicious, these breadsticks will become a new snack time favorite!




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