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"what a Steel" 

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From The Baking Steel Test Kitchen

72 Hour Pizza Dough Recipe

This 72 hour pizza dough is going to change your home pizza game, forever.  The end result is a pizza dough that compares to some of the top pizzeria's in the country.  Don’t let the name intimidate you, the active time for this dough is only 15 minutes-and that includes clean up

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24 Hour Baguette Recipe

Our 24-hour baguette recipe is super simple. No crazy starter or poolish. Just time, a little labor, a Baking Steel and some heat. 

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My Pizza Stone Cracked and How To Prevent It

Have you ever felt the horror of having your beloved stone crack while you're cooking up your latest pie? You're not alone. There are a ton of pizza stone owners looking for answers to this mystery. Our advice?

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