How To Master Making Pizza Dough At Home

homemade pizza dough

Watch the video below and learn how to Master Making Pizza Dough at Home.  The hard part is gathering all the ingredients.  Our recommendation is a 3 day fermentation.  If you don't have 3 days, 24 hours is still going to be better than just about anything else you can buy.  But by days 2 and 3, it's going to be the best dough you have ever made, eaten or shared.  

But if your goal is to make pizza like a rock star at home, make this dough and use our Baking Steel Original and your pizza life at home will be complete... 

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  • Mia

    How much does one recipe yield in terms of size/servings?

  • Robert

    Do you need to adjust for 00 flour? I scored some last week at my local store.

  • Donna Dottle

    Can the dough be frozen for a few days? Also, if so, would you freeze after letting it sit for 1-3 days or before that step. Thank you!

  • Elie

    If using instant yeast, should I use the same amount? Is active dry better for this recipe?

  • Eileen Abadi

    Is there a way to make this sourdough ?

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