How To Make Pizza Dough At Home (Video)

How To Make Pizza Dough At Home (Video)

Video: How To Make Pizza Dough At Home

It’s Easy To Make Pizza Dough At Home

In our video, we want to show you how easy it is to make pizza dough at home. We know you’ll be surprised by the simplicity. One of our favorite dough recipes to use on the Baking Steel is Kenji’s New York Style Dough over at

Get the Recipe from Serious Eats

Now, take a look at the video and see it in action!

So, what do you think? What tips would YOU add for those making pizza dough at home?

  • Andris Lagsdin

    Has anyone tried this recipe? How were the results?

  • James Field

    Please make a video showing the technique of how to get a thin crust pizza dough off the “peel” and onto the steel without losing half the toppings into the back of the oven…

    • Christopher Marshall

      Samonila flour. Works way better than standard flour and semolina burns to a nice brown without the smell of burned flour. Parchment paper can work too, if you still have issues.

    • Alan

      Had the same problem and finally found a solution that is simply amazing! We make our pizzas directly on our countertop with little to no flour underneath and the super peel picks it right up and puts it right in the oven. Search super peel on the Internet and it really does work like the videos!!

    • Bruce Henry

      we put cornmeal on the peel and haven’t lost a pizza yet.

  • beatrixxkiddo

    Andris – this is my favorite pizza recipe. the bubbles on the baking steel is what i crave for! great recipe, thanks for sharing

    • Andris Lagsdin

      Thank you! What else would you like to see?

  • Creede Williams

    Outstanding recipe that completely sings with the addition of the Steel! Kudos to Andris and Kenji.

    • Andris Lagsdin

      Thank you Crede! More to come…

  • Andris Lagsdin

    We will be launching our Launch video any day now!

  • Larzan

    For the best result, make a starter with all the water, 1/3 of the flour, fresh yeast and a small amount of spray malt. Let the starter ferment over-night. In the morning, you add the rest of the flour and salt, and hand-knead the dough for 15 minutes. Hand-kneading makes sure you got enough air pockets in the dough. Divide it into the amount of pizzas your making, form they as balls and make they rest during the day (room temperature) until your baking the pizzas. Avoid using the roller pin. If you can spin it in the air, that’s the best, or else you can push it out with your hands in sircular movements (like I do because I’m not an italian).

  • Edward Dahl

    I use Alltrumps high gluten flour #50121 unbleached. This is the flour used by Brooklyn pizziolo’s. Has anyone here tried It?

  • Jay Wasack

    Just made dough for the weekend. Tried using my Blendtec instead of the food processor and I saw smoke coming out of it. This dough is going to cost me dough$$.

    • Andris Lagsdin

      I’m just seeing this Jay, how is the blender?

      • Yellowhat

        Blender is fine. Not using that anymore. I’ll stick the the Lahey method :-)

  • wagemans

    It hurts me to see you cut on hard stone! Your poor knife! Bench scraper?