Storage Sleeve

Baking Steel Cases-5-Edited
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Product Description

  • Fits all 16×14″ Versions (Original, Modernist Cuisine & The Big!)
  • Round Sleeves currently unavailable
  • Constructed with a reclaimed & re-purposed billboard
  • Closed cell foam padding
  • Clam shell design that opens fully
  • UV treated bonded nylon stitching
  • Water resistant
  • Colors and graphics on every sleeve are 100% unique, making yours truly one of a kind!
  • Stores your Baking Steel in a dry environment

The Story

Our Baking Steel will help you create beautiful, crisp pizzas and rustic breads. But what happens when the oven is turned off, the kitchen is clean, the pizza is eaten?  “How do you store the Baking Steel? ” has been one of our frequently asked questions.   The Answer: Baking Steel Storage Sleeve.  Each storage sleeve is designed and manufactured in the USA.  Made primarily from reclaimed or recycled materials, each sleeve offers a unique, design.  No two are alike!